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Mistraki – Stonehoused Hamlet

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About Mistraki

Some Facs About Mistraki

    • Small heritage hamlet on the Messenian mountain ridge (ca. 230m above sea)
    • its villagescape are the stonehouses.
      Mistraki is listed as a traditional settlement of historic interest by the Greek Ministry of Culture.
    • Panoramic view to the Messenian Gulf and the coastside plane with Vounaria and Taygetos mountains of Mani
    • A small stone church little outside
    • On the steep track down to Chomatero, Falanthi and Charokopio lies the abandonned Monastery of Agios Theodoris (or Grivitsanis)
    • there is no Kafeneion, Taverna nor Shop at the Hamlet

more about Mistraki

Mistraki on the Map

Mistraki is reached via Charokopio and Falanthi. From Koroni you drive the main road to Kalamata. The fist village is Charokopio. On the norhern end of Charokopio, on the right you see the Church of Koimisi Theotokou. Short after, there turns the road to Falanthi and Kaplani to the left. In the settlement of Falanthi, you take the crossing to the left where it goes to Chomatero and Kaplani. Short after you pass Taverna Agia Plagia and the small Church Agia Pelagia. You follow this road. You pass the crossing to Chomatero and drive up to the mountain ridge, where the road to Mistraki turns to the right.
This route takes about 13 km from Koroni to Mistraki

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published: 13. January 2019

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