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Barbarossa Taverna - KoroniThe Barbarossa Taverna lies in the middle of Marina (harbour seaside) of Koroni with tables at the harbour border. It has a long family tradition of more than 100 years (before 2016 it was called Flisvos).

The tables are under the umbrellas next to the harbour, you may sit just a few meters from the water.

You may eat here for lunch an dinner:

  • Traditional Greek Kitchen
  • Meat and Grill
  • Sea Food
  • also Pizza and Pasta
The Barbarossa is a friendly place for all visiting Koroni. You meet here Greeks, tourists, families, couples, singles and business people or just Koroni enthusiasts… Many dining parties have been celebrated here or many friendships found their beginning here…

Καλή όρεξη

Καλησπέρα – The evening rises

After a day exploring the Surroundings of Koroni, I ride to Koroni to enjoy the evening in the lively city. After reaching the harbour, I am walking along Marina, the harbourside of Koroni where much of the evening life of Koroni happens because of all the Kafeneions, Tavernas and Bars… I am not just passing, I also look whats going on there, having a diner in mind. I stroll out the mole to watch the skyline of Koroni in the evening light. The sunset is seen from there.


After that I walk across Molos Square and along Perikles Rally, the road behind the Marina. Here and the a talk and a visit to one of the lovely shops. After that I turn to an ouzeria to begin the culinary evening. While reflecting the today journey by enjoying Ouzo me Meze, I also reflect about where and what to dine today.

The decision

The Ouzo is paid and I stroll along Marina again. I decided where to dine today. But still here and there some talk. Now I reach Barbarossa. Christos, the waiter, already greets, but first I go to the owner for a short talk. After that, I take a seat at a table of my preference. And so here I am.
The long today excursion made me hungry. For beginning the tonight Greek taste festival, I today decided to take some of my favourites at Barbarossa.

The Greek Taste

Souvlaki at BarbarossaI start with Eggplant Salad (μελιτζάνα σαλάτα). It is simple, house-made and full of taste. It looks to be different from other places, but it has an exploding taste, just as strong as the taste of the herbs in the today visited surroundings. But that is not all. I also enjoy the already served Greek Salat (χωριατικη σαλατα). I feel the power of the sun within its tomatoes, cucumbers, olives and onions and the herbes within the feta cheese. It seams to be a family portion but I taste it just for myself. I enjoy the food by memorizing my outback experiences. My thoughts are travelling around Koroni and its surroundings.
The people here know, they don’t have to hurry with serving my food. I also enjoy the warm evening with a quite and windless sea. But now here it comes: my chosen main dish: it is Pork Souvlaki (Χοιρινό Σουβλάκι). It is grilled well and I let some fresh pressed lemon drops refining its taste. It is served together with a big portion of Greek fried potatoes. It is just as I desired. I accompany it with some red house wine.

When the main dish has finished, the owner has time to come to the table and we talk about life by drinking some glass of wine…

Harbour Still Life - Koroni by NightThe night moves on

That is Greek life. The Greek spirit in taste, words and thoughts. I leave the Barbarossa with a lot of Greek taste around and in me. It wasn’t the first and not the last time I eat in Barbarossa.  I stroll out the mole and look to the starry night. The Barbarossa today wasn’t the last station before going home, I’m not in hurry, even though midnight already passed, the night still is young and my desire for Greek taste still is awake as well as my mind …

καλή νύχτα

The today Barbarossa experience has passed. I decided right to eat at Barbarossa. I’ll come back soon. I love to return to Barbarossa. I eat here more than once when I stay in Koroni. I love this place, its kitchen and the friendships found here.

Some of the stories of Barbarossa are silent like this one you just read. One of them you know now. Maybe we meet once at Barbarossa or somewhere else in Koroni…


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