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Technical Changelog

14 .June 2024New Koroni CIty Gallery
10. June 2024New Domain
November 2018New Online Maps (Web Maps): in the colours of the Website - zoomable Map Levels.
Visit:Where is Koroni? – map.
14.10.2018New Gallery (Photo Explorer): with Photo Rating, Image Search and more
Main Site: Koroni & Surroundings Visual Explorer.
Existing Gallery Albums will be transformed by time.
18.09.2018New Theme with similar layout, but better performance for mobiles: e.g Bus Timetable: Koroni <> Kalamata <> Athens – travel with scrollable table;
5. September 2018GDPR: Cookie Notice
February 2018Optimizing Images::web optimized images (faster loading...)
9.2.2018Setup with SSL-secure encryption -> https-Domain
28.01.2018Better Search Funtionality. Result Pages only shows Excerps with keyword highlightee. it also searches in the image description of the slide shows, but it will not directly jump to the image of that show
December 2017beginning with publishing slideshows. the post with slideshows use separate sliders vor landscape mode and vertical images. wehn you hover on the images, slideshows waits until you don't hover again.
20. January 2015Starting Website

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