Cape Akritas & Selitsa – photos & online-map

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Cape Akritas – Southest Mainland Point of Messinia & Selitsa Outback

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About Akritas & Selitsa Area

The area is about the Triangle with the south corner of Cape Akritas, in the west lies the Beach and Hamlet Tsapi and in the east the Beach Kalamaki.

  • it is a mountaneous outback region up to about 300m. The peaks are Bournia, Pouta and Selitsa. Selitsa also gives this area ist name
  • this region belongs to the European NATURA 2000 network of nature protection areas
  • the coast is mostly dangerous with deep cliffs
  • in the center of the area there is the little Church Agios Ioannis
  • more south is the hamlet Koufosaratsia where still lives a farmer
  • nowadays there are also various new buildings mostly used as private holiday houses
  • the main connection road is via Vasilitsi, Faneromeni and Kalamaki, bat you can aslo reach the region from Tsapi
  • the is a track from Koufosaratsia to Selitsa Beach. Best is an offroader or a cross motorbike
  • the Selitsa Beach is a stony beach with no infrastructure, but with view to Cape Akritas, Venetiko Island and Mani/Taigetos
  • from Selitsa Beach you can walk along the stony coast to Cape Akritas
  • the Cape Akritas is the southiest mainland point of Messinia ant the most western finger of Peloponnese

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published: 01.08.2022

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