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To Athinaikon ZacharoplasteioThe To Athinaikon Zacharoplasteio lies in the main alley between the Main Square near Dimitrios Church and the Marina.

You may stay here for coffee and sweets or you may take these delicious home:

  • Sweets
  • Cakes
  • Pastry
  • Ice Cream
  • Coffee
  • Breakfast
  • Sandwiches
  • Liquores
  • Take Away

To Athinaikon Zacharoplasteio has a long family tradition. Various people (Koronians and Guests) as well as me say, it is the most famous Zacharoplasteio (Pastry) in Koroni.

Καλή όρεξη

A Sweet Day in Koroni

You stay in Koroni. You are lucky. You feel free. It is just like flying along Marina, out the Molos, or across the roads and alleys of Koroni. You also climb the stairs of Koroni up and down.
Yes, it is Koroni time. You feel no time. You just feel the puls of life. You smell the taste of luckyness. It feels free. But it is the mediterranean spirit of Koroni in the air you breath in.

The fact is, you stay in Koroni to enjoy. Yes, it is one of these moments you can’t plan. You just are happy that you stay in Koroni. You have time for the hidden beauty of Koroni you don’t see when you are in hurry.
But what is this hidden beauty? And with whom do you share it? Yes, this beauty has many faces.
Do you see how the sunrays are dancing across Koroni streets, are you smelling the flowers, the taste of fresh baked bread or the herbs of fresh grilled souvlaki? There is also the smell of fresh brewing coffee and the sweet wind of fresh cake. Or you smell fresh fish downloaded from the returning fishermen.
And it is the sound of the people living here. And various of them are part of your story. And some know more of your story.
Yes it is one of these days you see this beauty of Koroni with your eyes and your heart and your mind.
Yes, this feeling is the sweet side of Koroni. But it is not the only this feeling that makes your day sweet. You also should take time to taste and enjoy the sweet side of Koroni.
It is time to have some sweets.
But which is the best time for some sweets?

Καλημέρα – The Morning Rises

Σοκολατινα τρουφα from Athinaikon at HomeIt is one of these beautiful mornings in Koroni. You enjoy the sunrise and the first swimming in the morning. After that, I take my first Coffee and small berakfast home in the garden. For this, I need some sweets from to Athinaikon Zacharoplasteio for getting my first energy of the day.
Now I am ready for planning the day. Today I first go to the center of buy some food and will also talk to some friends in the shops and kafeneions.

Morning Business

It is a common Morning in the center. After having done all the needs, meeting friends and taking a greek coffee, it is time to go back to the house, but last, I take new pastry at Athinaikon.

Lunch and Afternoon

Well, I don’t know how you spend lunch time and the afternoon. Do you stay at the beach, or are you exploring the surroundings or more farer excursions? I hope you enjoyed it.
If you are in Koroni in the afternoon or early evening, it is still hot and to early for dinner, you may take a homemade Ice Cream at Athinaikon.

Appetizing and Dining

What are your plans for the evening in Koroni? Sure, you may visit the various shops, may walk across Marina and out the mole or the new way below Kastro, or you pass many alley and tracks between the houses up to upper Koroni and down again.
Then there may rise the idea for an appetizer like Ouzo me Meze, and later, you may find your place for Dinner.

A Sweet Finish

Baklava at AthinaikonToday, we enjoy the sweet side of Koroni. After a walk to across Marina and harbour, some talkes in the shops, it is an honour the visit to Athinaikon again to eat some sweets and reflect the day.
What is your favourite pastry there? Well I favourite some of them. In about fifty years of knowing to Athinaikon, its tastes are like coming home. My record are 10 sweets from to Athinaikon on one evening …

καλή νύχτα

It is late after midnight. I’m finally at home. But the day isn’t at its end. I stay at the veranda near the coast und sit below the stars. I enjoy a last pastry form athinaikon I bought in the morning, The pastry is accompanied by a Metaxa…
Now it is time for the thoughts flying throught the Universe …


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