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Thanks for exploring Koroni in a new dimension.

Yes, the new dimension of photography is called stereo photography or stereoscopy.

Here in the stereo corner you will find various shows of stereoscopic (3D) impresssions of Koroni. Stereo Photography (Stereoscopy) is more than photography, it needs a special equipment for capturing as well as for presenting (analog, digital) or sharing (e.g. on the web).

For exploring “Koroni in 3D” please follow the contributions (shows, guidelines, help) by clicking here.

Please also read the notes below.

3d brille logoExploring stereo photography is not like normal photography, it needs two images – one for each eye. There exist various methods to display stereophotos (stereograms). Some show the images separate, others superimpose them. A cheap method is the anaglyph method: the two images are superimposed in special filter colours (e.g. cyan-red) – you need corresponding anaglyph glasses (if you don’t have one, you may make one by yourself).

  • find out more about stereo photography here.

3d brille logoAt Koroni Meet, the presentation of stereo photography shows, it is dynamic, meaning that you can choose between different display methods, depending on the equipement you have, and there are also two technical web implementations available.

  • the standard implementation when opening a stereo show is best viewed by a desktop and needs the flash player installed –
  • it works also e.g. on android tablets or mobiles with installed flash player. if you don’t have the flash player installed, you may choose >>alternate view<<
  • most users of iphone and ipad need to use >>alternate view<<
  • when starting the first time, the shows uses the red-cyan method
  • the shows may also be showed in mono (single image mode)
  • it you need help  click the 3d brille logo above the show. you find the detailed and further information about the implementation and usage of the stereoscopic shows.

Please enjoy…

thanks for watching
last update: 12.11.2015
published: 12.11.2015

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